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BTOD remanufactured Steelcase leap office chair

Hey guys, I have been on the hunt for a good office chair for some time. Have been using Btod youtube videos as a great resource to find the perfect office chair. Recently they just released some new videos on there new remanufactured steelcase leap office. Has anyone ever tried there remanufactured leap office chairs before Saves a lot of money going this route vs new. submitted by /u/mrmiyagi66 [link] [comments] ...

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Removing arms from steelcase think v1

I recently received a steelcase think v1 chair from a family member who no longer needed it. Its in great condition overall, but I have a question about removing the arms. I was able to remove the seat to get to the screwed that hold the arms in place, but for some reason even after removing those screws I cant pull the arms out of the slots! Does anyone have any thoughts about how I may be able to remove them Any product I could use to loose the area between the arms and the metal base ...

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Bought this BodyBilt J3502 the other day (for $100!) and it's super nice, but at nearly 15 years old the leather and padding feel stiff and unforgiving. Anything I can do to soften it up?

submitted by /u/cmbezln [link] [comments] ...

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HM discount or other brands? WWYD?

Through my work, I have the option to purchase 1 office chair for home use at a big discount. They let you choose from 4 different Herman Miller chairs. The Aeron Remastered (With Posture Fit or Lumbar support), The Mira 2 w/ Lumbar support, or the Embody w/ Passive Posture Fit Sacral Support. The most expensive would be $760 after tax with discount. I don't want to spend more than $760 so are there any other chairs worth testing within that price range I'm working on fixing my crap...

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Lubricating Squeaky Chairs

Usually it is the spring seat in the tension adjuster I think. Office chairs should have a zerk fitting to easily grease moving parts. I rock back and forth in my chair quite frequently and I have gone through multiple chairs because of really loud and annoying squeaks. It doesn't help that I keep buying stupidly overpriced "gaming" chairs that are never comfortable/ergonomic. If anyone has some tips to lubricate my current chair until I buy a more reliable/ergonomic ch...

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Can anyone recommend a highback office chair in the $200 range that's not an Ikea Markus?

I don't really feel like ponying up $129 for shipping for a $200 office chair, and don't live near an Ikea. submitted by /u/leonardrodriguezGCC [link] [comments] ...

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Help with Chair lift issue

submitted by /u/ic3m4ch1n3 [link] [comments] ...

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