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Mega chair thread #3

Hi Chair seekers, Welcome to the new Mega chair referral thread # 3 (which means we are in the 3rd year of chair advice since the pandemic started and people started working from home and started asking about it) Please, first, do a quick search on any topic in this sub and see if you question has been answered. (tldr, it has already) If you would like to browse the original post, look here . Lots of good discussions 519 comments. Also lots of good discussions on mega chair thread #2 here. my thoughts on Head rests & foot rests for example. To summarize a little with some editorial spin here: Steelcase Leap (V1 & V2) are probably the most asked about chairs on this sub, hands down. You can sometimes find a good deal on local shopping sites. Ill will add Humanscale Freedom and Steelcase Gesture to my list of office chairs . I am not personally a member o...

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Patience finally paid off and scored a Leap v2

For the past couple of months, I've been searching for a deal on the Leap v2. Everywhere I looked, the minimum used price was $399. On multiple occasions, I almost bought one for $399 from either DFSI, Corporate Liquidators or National Office Interiors, but kept searching for a better deal. This week, I found the v2 for $275 from an Ebay marketplace seller who closed his shop during COVID and has his inventory in several storage units. We scheduled an appointment and I waited for 30 minutes and he was a no show. Later that day, he called me back, apologized for the mix-up and said if I came back, he would give me a discount. Yesterday, I met him again at the Public Storage units, tested the chair, decided to buy it and he gave me a $75 discount for having to make a return trip. So, my patience paid off. I scored a v2 model 46216179 with a ship date of 04/10/14 ...

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New chair at Ikea looks like it has good specs with all breathable mesh covers. Anyone have this chair?

submitted by /u/Blur_410 [link] [comments] ...

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I am going to pick up a used Steelcase (or something) this weekend, maybe from this place ... any advice?

I need to get a solid comfortable office chair for my work-from-home job. I am thinking of taking the consensus here about getting a used high quality chair. I looked around and this place seems to have a good selection. Any advice on what one to pick out and what to look for submitted by /u/Darkrose50 [link] [comments] ...

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Tired of looking for budget ergo chairs

Have been looking at various websites for weeks without much luck. Since I have no locations near me to try any chairs I have to order a chair blind. My maximum budget pretty much caps out at around the cost of an ergo chair 2 at 370~ USD on a good day (which I keep hearing mixed things about anyway). I'm not very knowledgeable about what to look for in task chairs. Mostly going to be using it for lengthy digital art and gaming sessions. Any help narrowing down some choices would be appreciated. submitted by /u/rinrin_desu [link] [comments] ...

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Leap V1 missing Lumbar Support?

My gf got a leap V1 used and doesnt have a lumbar support attachment. Can one of these be purchased If so, do you know where Also, is the V2 lumbar bar the same as the V1 I see some V2 on eBay. Thanks! submitted by /u/lilahaan [link] [comments] ...

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Chair recommendation that is versatile for different positions

I usually have a hard time sitting in an exact position for a long, so I'm looking for a chair that can accommodate multiple types of positions. I'm 5'10 and around 180lbs. Usually, I would be sitting in the chair for around 6 hours in which I would cycle through different positions. Sometimes sitting straight, sometimes in a figure four lock where my crossing leg will rest on the armrest, sometimes dangling one my legs onto the armrest and sometimes turning the chair to the side and leaning on the backrest submitted by /u/Tepiru [link] [comments] ...

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