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Chair advice

I have been working remotely since March and sit for large portions of the day. I try to get up and stretch and walk around, but between working and then gaming later in the day, I sit a ton. I am looking at getting a better office chair. I use a $50 IKEA one my wife bought me a few years ago. It's fine. It holds me up, but my ass hurts at the end of the day. All from above my knees to the base of my spine just hurts. Deep throbbing. I usually sit upright or lean forward in my chair. ...

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Need a new desk chair and found this subreddit, need any help!

Hello, I'm a gamer and been working from home for the past 6 months. Been having increasing neck/back discomfort. I thought it was a bed issue and got a new bed but still having that problem. Realized it's the trash 50$ IKEA chair I'm sitting in. I'm looking for a chair with these requirements: - Under 500$ USD - Good for heavy(ier) people, I weight 250 pounds and am 6'2 tall - Has neck support. I lean back in my chair or lean my head back a lot when I'm workin...

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steelcase gesture back pain

I made a post about a week ago deciding between two chairs and I ended up picking a gesture. I was able to get it for $250 but for the week I've had it I've honestly hated it. I become uncomfortable in this chair after around 5-10 mins and it is certainly not what I expected it to be like. I slouch forward too much naturally and when I sit in it doesn't really help as much as I thought it would in the showroom. I first thought it was too much support on my lower back causing dis...

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just got my new wfh chair

submitted by /u/Lasanchi [link] [comments] ...

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Any reviews on steelcase series 1?

Looking to purchase a new office chair and have been looking at the steelcase series 1. Have also looked at the kinn chair. Not sure if anyone has any reviews on these chairs. Open to all thoughts and opinions! Thanks! submitted by /u/Bshack24 [link] [comments] ...

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Best chair for under 100?

submitted by /u/E8tan1010 [link] [comments] ...

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Lazboy bradley executive chair

Should I buy the lazboy Bradley executive chair Its like $300. I want something comfortable asf but to also last a long time. Give me some good suggestions if I shouldnt buy this chair. Thanks submitted by /u/The_Wisest [link] [comments] ...

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