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Start Here - the R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral thread

Welcome To r/OfficeChairs We are going to try something new here. Welcome to Mega Task Chair Referral thread. Looking for your best chair recommendations. If you are asking about what type of chair to get yourself, start here, feel free to ask questions on this thread. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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r/officechairs : What are you guys sitting on today?

submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Considering buying used leap for $275 but I can't find the manufacturing date on the tag. Not sure if I'm missing it or if that a sign it is really old or something?

submitted by /u/my_cats_reddit [link] [comments] ...

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Got a 2010 Humanscale freedom with headrest for $100

the armpads were really chewed up like someone attached knives to their elbows and dug them in. New armpads are ordered(20% off right now). so i'm in about $145 total. How'd I do The seat/back seem to be leather but based on the customer service rep, the serial number just came up as black. I'm having a little trouble with the lumbar when I'm upright but leaning back is great. Otherwise this seems like a great chair and I like it a lot better than the '95 A...

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Anyone had any experience with orangebox chairs?

Recently found a really nice chair, the brand is orangebox but they don't have a lot of information, was curious if anyone hear might have or used one Many thanks:) submitted by /u/yippy9 [link] [comments] ...

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Good office chair for under $100 ?

What is a good office chair to buy for $100 or under i'm someone with lower back problems. i can't raise the budget at all unless only by abit submitted by /u/Holyssock [link] [comments] ...

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Where do you guys sit on the chair?

Random question but where do you guys position your butts on your chair I use to put my butt right back into the backrest and this started hurting my back. So now I position it near the middle, closer to the front of the chair and can feel my back pain going away. What about you guys submitted by /u/ZeonPeonTree [link] [comments] ...

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