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Which is the most comfortable office chair (with headrest) money can buy?

Money doesn't really play a role, I currently have the Embody and like it a lot but sadly I need a headrest. I'm looking at the RH Logic 400 and the RH Logic Mereo 220 aswell as the Steelcase Gesture and I'm wondering if these are any comfortable submitted by /u/OnkelJupp [link] [comments] ...

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Best for Endurance: Gaming or Office Chair?

I've seen some pretty poor reviews for "executive" leather office chairs. I know money = quality usually but don't want to shell out $400 for a chair. I've seen plenty of ~$100 gaming chairs and generally they have great reviews. Question: Should I go for a gaming chair instead I do game usually, sometimes do work work or school work. Otherwise I'd rather have an adult-looking leather or bonded-leather mid/high-back office chair. Taking suggestions on either th...

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Anyone Interested in Writing for a Blog About Office Chairs (2.5 cents per word for 2000-3000 Word Posts)

Hello, Redditors, I own a guitar blog and I am interested in finding some people who are passionate about office chairs and love to write/share their knowledge. You do not need to be an amazing writer. Just be able to write conversationally and explain a topic. If anyone is interested please message me. submitted by /u/zamtech1994 [link] [comments] ...

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I'm looking for a home office chair?

I need some help buying a new chair for my home office, I want a comfortable chair I don't mind what it looks like but would prefer if it were more ergonomically designed. I'm 5'10 and weigh around 12 stone and i have a budget of about 150. Any recommendations submitted by /u/Bazerkaa [link] [comments] ...

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Purchase Advice

I'm considering a used chair. Can you recommend this Brand: Ergohuman Model: Unknown Price: 270 USD Link to album: submitted by /u/CurrentShoe4 [link] [comments] ...

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This Hyken is killing my back and ass.. help

submitted by /u/its_Extreme [link] [comments] ...

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Health Issue Around Office Related Equipment

I am a student from La Trobe University studying engineering and currently partaking in the subject Ideas of Innovation which is about defining a problem and solving it. As part of our study, we have written out a survey trying to improve the design of office related equipment to prevent health issues caused by unsupportive equipment. As part of this subject, we are sending out a few questions which will help further our research. I would really appreciate it if you would take a little bit ...

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