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Is there something like a Staples Hyken for bigger people?

Im not even that big... Im 510 and about 220lbs, but the headrest is around my lower neck instead of head, and the seat pad pushes my thighs together more than Id like (my thighs are a little thick). My gf is 5 and its perfect for her, and Im really close to liking it, but its just too small. Is there something comparable for a same price thats bigger Most of the ones I see on Amazon seem similar sized. submitted by /u/coolsheep769 [link] [comments] ...

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I was looking to buy an office chair, someone want to sell this one used for 200$ Canadian, is this worth?

submitted by /u/Mr_Robot787 [link] [comments] ...

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Chair Recommendation, Please

I'm looking for an office chair that rolls with seat height adjustment. I don't want arms and I don't want to be able to rock back. It looks like a lot of the technology on office chairs has to do with height adjustment, rocking mechanisms, and arms. I am hoping I can save some money by opting out of some of these I think an Aeron chair would be fine, but how silly is it to spend $1100, then throw away the arms and keep the rocking mechanism locked submitted by ...

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Anyone know what chair this is? Thank you! Imgur in comment

submitted by /u/wannabpm [link] [comments] ...

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Looking for a low profile chair

Hey everyone, just sold my Aeron size B. Didn't fit me the way I liked it - a little too cupped seat and pretty big footprint. Do you guys have any recommendations for more budget friendly smaller chairs submitted by /u/HaasKicker [link] [comments] ...

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Good office chairs to pick up under $200?

I will be sitting on the chair for atleast 8-10 hours a day either working primarily and gaming also. I do see a lot of people recommending the Herman Miller aeron used. After looking through FB marketplace I saw somebody selling a size A for $300 and looking to see if I can negotiate submitted by /u/milaud6 [link] [comments] ...

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Workpro quantum 12000 mid back vs highback

I am looking at replacing my office chair as it broke and I am permanently working from home and game. I have decided between the workpro 12000 mid back fabric/mesh for 429.99 or the workpro 12000 mesh high back The only differences I can see is the mid back has a fabric seat cushion which I like but no head rest. Where the high back has just a mesh butt cushion but a head rest Anyone have either and give me some thoughts Office Depot didnt have a high back I could sit in so idk if Ill...

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