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Start Here @ the official R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral Thread #2

Welcome to the new Mega chair referral thread # 2 If you would like to browse the original post, look here . Lots of good discussions 519 comments. Do a quick search on any topic in this sub and discussions will come up. Head rests & foot rests for example To summarize a little with our editorial spin here: Steelcase Leap (V1 & V2) are probably the most asked about chairs on this sub, hands down. Ill will add Steelcase Criterion, Humanscale Freedom and Steelcase Gesture to my list of office chairs . I am not personally a member of the Aeron club, but it is the most iconic piece of office furniture since the file cabinet and the item most people ask for by name, so there is often discussion of that chair here also. Other excellent chairs that often are frequently mentioned here: Allsteel Acuity Haworth Fern Haworth Zody Haworth improv Herman Miller C...

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In great need of help.

I am looking for a replacement for my staples hyken chair that served me well for a 6 years but is now at the end of its life. I dont have Infinite budget and i would like to get a solid one for around 500 USD or 700 CAD. Im quite a heavy dude, weighting around 320 pounds but im not that tall, around 5 ft 9 . I really dont want an autonomous Ergo chair as im not trusting thier longevity. Im really not into gaming chairs as well. I find ergonomic chair way more comfortable. Im looking for something pretty ergonomic since i spend about 10 to 12 hours at the computer everyday. I know i could get some pretty high end chairs on the used market. But id rather get something new. Ive come accross this wierd brand called Hon, with a chair Called the ignition 2.0 it looked promising but i dont find any convincing review anywhere. Reddit help me please ! submitted by &...

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What would be the fair price for this out of warranty HM Embody?

Some listed this 2009 HM Embody on my local bidding website, from photos its been thoroughly cleaned up and the only defect is a hole on the seat fabric, how much would you pay at most for this unit It got a starting bid of USD$600.00, thanks. P.S. Im a Reddit newbie, how do I attach photos to a post Didnt give me that option. trade me link submitted by /u/Heavy-Victory4574 [link] [comments] ...

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Herman Miller Aeron or Eames Softpad 217 replica by cable design

So Ive come to the choice of either an Eames replica for 327 or a second hand gear armrest Aeron for 400 and I was wanting to ask if anyone would recommend one or the other for long periods of time and whether the Eames models can actually stand up to the more modern Herman Miller designs. Im a sound designer and will spend around 5-12 hours in the chair on a work day Any help would be much appreciated submitted by /u/made-in-italia [link] [comments] ...

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Need help identifying the brand of this chair

submitted by /u/sparkmanzz [link] [comments] ...

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1990's Steelcase Caster Replacement

Hey folks, I have a vintage Steelcase chair that uses stem-less casters, ie instead of the pin being part of the wheel the pin part is attached to the base of the chair. I really would like to put the rollerblade type casters onto this chair but it seems like this type of mount is too uncommon for those type of casters to be made for it. Anybody got any ideas on how I could adapt this chair to work with the more standard stem size Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/kaiiscool [link] [comments] ...

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Recommendations for an all-white office chair?

Wondering if anyone can recommend an office chair that is all white and comfortable and ergonomic My work from home space is in my living room so my chair has to be fairly compact and nicely designed/modern looking. Any suggestions Thanks! Edit: Im petite, 51 100 lbs. submitted by /u/Curious_Core [link] [comments] ...

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