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Anyone heard of iiglo office chairs before?

As the title says, does anyone have any experience with the iiglo office chairs I've been seeing them at a Swedish store but can't come up with any info about them through google. Can't even find a company website. Maybe this is a rebranded thing for this particular retailer Link: Looking for possible experience because they se...

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Used Steelcase Think or Ergochair 2?

Basically the title. I'm investing in a chair for working from home and was wondering if a used steelcase think would be better than a new ergochair 2. They're about the same price. Other recommendations are welcome. For reference, I'm 5'7 130lbs. submitted by /u/thesurprisedpikachu [link] [comments] ...

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Getting ready to give up - may have to stand for rest of pandemic.

So here is my tale of woe: Pre-pandemic I worked full time in an office. Have been full time work from home since early March. Had an Office Depot Workpro 9000 that I used in my home office for about 15 years. The chair finally gave up the ghost about a month into full time work from home. Thought it would be a good time to upgrade my seating. I've now gone through 5 chairs in about 3 weeks. Here is what I've tried: Secretlabs Titan : not terribly ergonomic and extremely stiff t...

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Do any of you recognize this chair? (Please disregard the pickle rick)

submitted by /u/puppetman56 [link] [comments] ...

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Chairs for tall people

After about a year of using a chair that is too small, i finally decided to find a chair that is comfortable. I am around 63-64 and looking for a chair that could actually fit me. Also I live in a relatively hot climate so thick leather chairs get far too hot. submitted by /u/TheParriedCasual [link] [comments] ...

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Ideal chair if price is no issue (Also that doesn't heat up too bad)

My company is offering to subsidize a significant portion for a workstation and my chair is the only thing I have left to upgrade. What would you say the best chair to work from for up to 10 hours a day would be I don't care if it's ugly, also I generally run hot (temperature wise) so preferably something cool that doesn't make my back sweat too bad. In the reviews I found, Embody seems to be up there (But looks like it doesn't breathe great, any contradicting experience w...

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Crandall Office Vs BTOD Vs used?

Hi, I am considering buying a used Steelcase Leap V2. Which would be the best option 1- Buy used locally from someone who claims he sells a company's stock No way to verify this though, cost should be around $300 (manufactured 2018) and the chair shouldn't be refurbished. No warranty of course. 2- Buying from BTOD (Warranty, returns...etc). But they replace a lot of pieces in a chair with aftermarket pieces (or perhaps they use parts from the same manufacturer Not sure). 3- Bu...

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