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Chair for relaxing.

Ive been searching for chairs for about 2 weeks now and everybody recommends the leap v2 or aeron. However though this sub would like you to believe you can walk outside and find one of these for $200 for some of us in smaller areas theres absolutely no chance of that. I am looking for a chair that is comfortable to relax and game in I was thinking of the respawn 110 because the idea of a footrest sounded appealing but everybody trashes on gaming chairs and I could see build quality being poo...

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Is new Aeron worth $1900?

They are not widely available in my country only one retailer sells them and it's really overpriced also there is absolutely no market for them here used... I'm only considering it because my previous chair which I bought 8 months ago gave me shoulder inflammation that manifested into cubital tunnel (took me long time to realize it was the chair..) and now I can't study for 8 days now and sitting on the computer became painful/stressful experience submitted by ...

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Ergonomic chairs are a gamechanger! I am enjoying work much more now!

submitted by /u/SnooBeans4531 [link] [comments] ...

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Buy Leap v2 direct from Steelcase without a test sit and no return policy?

Our company has discounted WFH programs with both Herman Miller and Steelcase (Humanscale also). I can get 35% of new HM chairs or varying discounts on a Steelcase. It looks like I can get a v2 for ~750 after shipping and taxes, which is the best I can find given the office liquidators nor Craigslist seem to have inventory in my area. However, Steelcase will not allow any returns when purchased through a WFH program. HM still offers a 30 day policy through our program but an Aeron would be mo...

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Steelcase Gesture

I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Steelcase Gesture w Headrest the best quote I could get with from a local dealer with the out the door price of 952.40 (chair) and 66.67 (tax) = $1019.07 Are there any other places online that might have better pricing I'd like to leave no stone unturned if it could save me a couple of dollars. I have checked the secondary market and it is slim pickins for the Gesture submitted by /u/buttholefarm [link] [comments...

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Student looking for a budget-friendly new chair

I'm looking for a new chair after breaking my old one. I'm a student and I will primarily be using it for online schooling and work. I'm 5'3 and what I'm looking for is: ~$200 or less Comfortable enough for middle-of-class naps Enough room for me to sit criss-crossed Good for back Thank you :) submitted by /u/alegnaz [link] [comments] ...

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IKEA Markus vs Herman Miller Aeron - Office Chair Showdown | Standingdesktopper

The IKEA Markus chair is the most popular office chair from IKEA. The brand has a range of ergonomic office chairs that are also affordable. The cost of the Herman Miller Aeron is way too high compared to the IKEA Markus. ​ BACK SEAT The IKEA Markus chair features a high back seat design. The back seat is covered with a soft me...

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