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HM discount or other brands? WWYD?

Through my work, I have the option to purchase 1 office chair for home use at a big discount. They let you choose from 4 different Herman Miller chairs. The Aeron Remastered (With Posture Fit or Lumbar support), The Mira 2 w/ Lumbar support, or the Embody w/ Passive Posture Fit Sacral Support. The most expensive would be $760 after tax with discount. I don't want to spend more than $760 so are there any other chairs worth testing within that price range I'm working on fixing my crap...

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Lubricating Squeaky Chairs

Usually it is the spring seat in the tension adjuster I think. Office chairs should have a zerk fitting to easily grease moving parts. I rock back and forth in my chair quite frequently and I have gone through multiple chairs because of really loud and annoying squeaks. It doesn't help that I keep buying stupidly overpriced "gaming" chairs that are never comfortable/ergonomic. If anyone has some tips to lubricate my current chair until I buy a more reliable/ergonomic ch...

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Can anyone recommend a highback office chair in the $200 range that's not an Ikea Markus?

I don't really feel like ponying up $129 for shipping for a $200 office chair, and don't live near an Ikea. submitted by /u/leonardrodriguezGCC [link] [comments] ...

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Help with Chair lift issue

submitted by /u/ic3m4ch1n3 [link] [comments] ...

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Autonomous ergochair2 or Herman Miller embody?

Im 510 and very lightweight, I spent about 7 hours daily sitting down and would like to get a comfortable chair that would help mitigate any future and possible issues. I sometimes sit in weird positions and would like to still be able to have both feet on the seat so I didnt think the Aeron would be good for that cause of the sticky up sides. Im just not sure which chair to get. The ergo chair 2 looks pretty decent but seems relatively new and theres not too many reviews when compared to the...

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looking for some help/input with my low chair

I own a bilfords managers chair from staples ( ) and recently got a new computer desk that my chair seems to low for. Every chair that i can find specs for seem to get about 22-23 inches of height for the seat but my chair seems to only get about 19 inches of height. This chair came assembled so im curious if maybe they did somethign wrong and im not getting the height. Does 19 inches seem low for the max height ...

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Steelcase think chair from eBay

I just bought an "open box" or "refurbished" steelcase think chair from eBay. But upon setting it up and sitting down something just seems way off. First it just doesn't feel very sturdy and the armrests are locked in. I've sat in a lot of steelcase think chairs at the office and something just doesn't seem right about this chair. Are there different variations of steelcase think chairs Did I get a counterfeit submitted by /u/harryhov [l...

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