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Start Here - the R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral thread

Welcome To r/OfficeChairs We are going to try something new here. Welcome to Mega Task Chair Referral thread. Looking for your best chair recommendations. If you are asking about what type of chair to get yourself, start here, feel free to ask questions on this thread. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Would you put casters on this thing?

I know some active stools have casters (wheels), and some don't. Would it be risky to add them Thank you. submitted by /u/suswang8 [link] [comments] ...

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Headrest causing upper back ache

I recently purchased my first office chair(image attached). It is a high back chair with attached headrest. However, I am having upper back ache after using the chair and I think it might have to do with the headrest. The height and the tilt of the headrest can be adjusted. But even at its max height the headrest touches my shoulders and the first vertebrae is at the mid of the headrest which is not comfortable. After sitting for sometime on the chair, my upper back(around c5) starts hurting....

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Is the HON Ignition 2.0 with Lumbar Support the Best At It's Price Point

HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk. I am looking to buy this for my home office. At the $300-$350 price point, is this the best product available Thank you! Edit: Its* Sigh. submitted by /u/One_Instruction [link] [comments] ...

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Did anyone buy an Ergo Chair 2 from Autonomous Chairs? If so, do you think they reduce the price often or not? Im willing to get one asap BUT I want to wait during holidays for potential sales.. do you think there will be or should I just buy it now? Thanks in advance!!!

submitted by /u/MisterSaric [link] [comments] ...

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Does anyone here own this chair? Is it durable and comfortable? Thank you!

submitted by /u/J0kQT4Ever [link] [comments] ...

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Steelcase leap v2 vs Humanscale freedom

Looking to choose between Steelcase leap v2 and Humanscale freedom headrest. Does anyone have any recommendations Anyone who has tried out both submitted by /u/definitely_notabot [link] [comments] ...

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