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Concorde Revolving Office Chair-Bluebell

Buy ergonomic office chairs online at Bluebell. We offer huge range of ergonomic chair, rolling chairs revolving office chairs at best price. Shop Now! submitted by /u/Pujaaiyer [link] [comments] ...

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My gas lift got stucked deep in base !

Just bought my new chair about 2 months then this happen. I think it's not break or has any trouble yet. It still hold up well and does not sink when i'm adjusting the seat height or tilt lock. So should i need to buy new gas lift or just fix it and continue using it submitted by /u/VerThek [link] [comments...

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Staples Burlston Office Chair Hydraulic Lift Handle Broken

Hi, I have a Staples Burlston Office Chair and the handle that brings the chair up or down does not function. It does not have any resistance to it and it kinda just flops around. Heres a video showcasing the issue: Link Just wondering how I should go about fixing this submitted by /u/sean101v [link] [comments] ...

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Aeron desk chair vs Sectetlabs gaming chair

Hello fellow redditors! I work from home most days and do some gaming (not much these days with newborn twins). So I thought I should invest in a nice chair. I bought a used herman miller aeron in excellent condition. It's fine but I'm not sure what all the hype is about. It's a chair. Everywhere on the internet you see it as the top choice (or maybe the steelcase gesture or leap). I'm just not getting it. To quote mugatu... I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! It's a...

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Steelcase Leap V2 or Steelcase Gesture?

I could get the Gesture for 350 Brand new with the lumbar support system and the Leap V2 for 400 refurbished. I am 180cm and I weight 80kg Ive had chronic neck and backpain for the last year and I want to get the best chair to fix that issue. Which one would you recommend submitted by /u/RoyalConfirmed [link] [comments] ...

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Herman Miller Aeron - How old is this model please?

Hey everyone :) need to change the Gas cylinder in this chair which got me to thinking how old is this actual model There is supposed to be a label underneath but it must have come off before i picked it up on the 2nd hand market. Thanks :) Also - will any gas cylinder replacement work PICS - submit...

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Best office chair recommendations.

Looking to purchase a new office / desk chair. Need maximum comfort with lumbar support. Spend long hours throughout the day in front of the computer and looking for the best of the best. Any recommendations submitted by /u/PrinceMorningstar [link] [comments] ...

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