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Mega chair thread #3

Hi Chair seekers, Welcome to the new Mega chair referral thread # 3 (which means we are in the 3rd year of chair advice since the pandemic started and people started working from home and started asking about it) Please, first, do a quick search on any topic in this sub and see if you question has been answered. (tldr, it has already) If you would like to browse the original post, look here . Lots of good discussions 519 comments. Also lots of good discussions on mega chair thread #2 here. my thoughts on Head rests & foot rests for example. To summarize a little with some editorial spin here: Steelcase Leap (V1 & V2) are probably the most asked about chairs on this sub, hands down. You can sometimes find a good deal on local shopping sites. Ill will add Humanscale Freedom and Steelcase Gesture to my list of office chairs . I am not personally a member o...

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday - super post.

No we're not changing the rules. r/officechairs it's not interested in helping you get Amazon commissions by linking to a discount code. But.. I guess it's the holidays and if there are some great deals, we want you to all find them. But if there's a legit coupon code to a legit site, let's make this the place to collect those discounts. Mods will continue to delete links back to Amazon web pages and individual posts about discount codes. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Leap V2, for $285, worth it?

submitted by /u/fishingfoxbear [link] [comments] ...

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Steelcase leap v2 replacement

Hello all, I have an old steelcase leap v2, the lumbar is detatched from the sliders and the gas cylinder is not how it used to be. Would it be feasible to buy replacement parts for the chair or should i be looking into a new chair submitted by /u/LowSodiumAzn [link] [comments] ...

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Think v2 from Crandall!

Been lurking around this sub for a while and heard nothing but good things about Crandall. Decided to look into their chairs and ended up winning their youtube giveaway for a Think v2! I couldn't be more appreciative and wanted to just give them a quick shoutout because it's such a huge upgrade for me as a college student with back issues. Overall I'm liking the chair quite a bit and if anyone has any questions feel free to drop them down below. ​ submitted by /u/statefarmagentjerry [link] [comments] ...

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Durability of Cushion/Foam Seats

Hey folks, I'm on the market for a decent chair. Initially considered the ergohuman v2 elite but just discovered the haworth zody and figured that it's the one I should go for considering it's cheaper second-market price. What's the durability of a cushion/foam seat and if possible, specifically on the zody Has anyone had other durability issues with the zody Thanks! submitted by /u/robertchu123 [link] [comments] ...

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Any idea if this Clatina Mellet knockoff is legit?

Been looking to get a Clatina Mellet for some time now, but unfortunately they seem to be out of stock everywhere. Does anyone have experience with this version It appears to be identical, just under a different distributor name. Any help would be appreciated! submitted by /u/eazye123 [link] [comments] ...

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