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Start Here - the R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral thread

Welcome To r/OfficeChairs We are going to try something new here. Welcome to Mega Task Chair Referral thread. Looking for your best chair recommendations. If you are asking about what type of chair to get yourself, start here, feel free to ask questions on this thread. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Deals Roundup Thread 1

Gonna keep this thread updated with the latest deals for the next week or so and then I'll make a second thread. submitted by /u/ClassroomDecorum [link] [comments] ...

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Getting 2 Zodies for 100 each

Hello OfficeChairs fellow, After I have been in this group for a while and really need to have some good chair to help my back from my old chairs. Now, I want to share my luck with you as I got my Zodies for 100 each for me and my girlfriend. They are quite used in lower part and I need to change the wheels. Anyway, I want to thank you guys as I have learned so much from this sub. Pics submitted by /u/sleepysnapper [link] [comments] ...

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Recommendations for the dreaded "leather" high back chair.

I've come to realize that I need different chairs for different things. I got a great deal on an old Teknion Contessa. Great chair, practically free, ergonomically ideal but also slightly softer than a concrete slab. I bought it for home but I think it'll be ideal for work, where I sit a bunch but get up to do things very frequently. My chair at home was a gift, a Costco-sourced La-Z-Boy high back chair. I know it's disposable crap but I can't deny that by some dumb luck it ...

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Is this an okay deal?

Yeah, so this was a mistake: bought an expensive Aeron chair, but got the wrong size. Taken out of box, tested, put back in box, now it's all yours. Retail at $1375+tax, selling for $990 PayPal ($40 discount for Venmo or pay-a-friend option on PayPal to avoid fees) Full details - following along on the website from here: Size: B (medium) Color: Graphite Back Support: Adjustable Lumbar Support Tilt...

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Help, I need to find this chair.

I'm looking for this chair. (See picture below) This exact chair is what I'm looking for. This setup is awesome btw This chair has these critical features which I'm looking for: Headrest Adjustable lumbar support Retractable leg-rest Mesh backrest suede-like seat ​ submitted by /u/baconfatm...

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What to choose: Sidiz T50 or Giroflex G64?

First time buying an office chair but needing one since will be working from home permanently now. Narrowed it down to these two, both are roughly the same price second hand. I'm not that big - I'm 5'6" tall (168cm) and only 143lbs (65kg). Anything special I need to consider about either chair before buying submitted by /u/boonkoh [link] [comments] ...

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