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Herman Miller Aeron Worth It?

Hoping to get some feedback on the Herman Miller Aeron w/ Posturefit SL. I mainly work from home and can be at my computer for 6 hrs/day. Lately Ive been feeling a burning sensation in my upper back right below my neck and have noticed that it happens at the end of the day. Right now Im using the Axia from Costco but my work has given me a discount for a brand new Aeron w/ posturefit at 60% off. Is the Aeron worth the cost Will I notice a difference from my current office chair Than...

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I REALLY need a solution for my freaking desperate head/neck

hey guys, ​ i have a steelcase leap v2 and i hardly foundy any legit aftermarket headrest for it, i dont care if its a headrest, or a pillow or anything else but i need something do you have any suggestion, it could be universal things that fit on every chairs i dont mind i just need something i saw some pillow with an attach but most times u need a head support to fix to it cause the attachment wont be long enough to be fix on high backseat. submitted by /u/kembo...

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Any recommendations for office chair that doesn't peel?

Im looking for an office chair that is comfy and doesnt peel. None of that fake leather crap. Something that supports you so your spine and ass dont hurt, but is also comfy. Sitting for like 4-5 hours in a row. No price range. submitted by /u/TheSalami77 [link] [comments] ...

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Anyone know if I can replace the gas lift on a chair like this (HVL 701)? Pics inside.

Had the chair for a while and it's still in good shape, but the gas lift is failing. Bought one to replace it, but I can't seem to get the existing one removed. Do I need to loosen/remove the two bolts closest to it (please see pics below) I propped it up, held the gas left with some pliers and whacked the chair with a rubber mallet (as shown on a bunch of YouTube videos), but can't get it to budge. Thanks! Manufacturer's website: A...

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My makeshift cushions for my office chair. My arm rests are pretty hard so they were hurting my elbows. ??

submitted by /u/ChaseG31002 [link] [comments] ...

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Just got an Ergo Chair 2

Holy mother of God this freaking foam brick of a "lumbar support" pillow they made unremovable (and not adjustable in pressure) is such a pain constantly pressing against my back. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea, and better yet, how is this not mentioned in the countless glowing reviews of this chair EDIT: Upon further testing it's my personal preference that the entire back and seat is just too hard and uncomfortable to me. The lumbar pillow probably lessens it, t...

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looking for high end office chair

Can anyone recommend a very good ergonomic office chair specification : - cost : not an issue - lumbar support : yes (preferably adjustable) - neck support : not needed - adjustable armrest: yes - chair seat material: anything except leather - chair size : small submitted by /u/GreenMustache_ [link] [comments] ...

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