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Mega chair thread #3

Hi Chair seekers, Welcome to the new Mega chair referral thread # 3 (which means we are in the 3rd year of chair advice since the pandemic started and people started working from home and started asking about it) Please, first, do a quick search on any topic in this sub and see if you question has been answered. (tldr, it has already) If you would like to browse the original post, look here . Lots of good discussions 519 comments. Also lots of good discussions on mega chair thread #2 here. my thoughts on Head rests & foot rests for example. To summarize a little with some editorial spin here: Steelcase Leap (V1 & V2) are probably the most asked about chairs on this sub, hands down. You can sometimes find a good deal on local shopping sites. Ill will add Humanscale Freedom and Steelcase Gesture to my list of office chairs . I am not personally a member o...

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Got my Steelcase Gesture w Headrest from Crandall. I love it so much, 10/10 recommend.

submitted by /u/regan9109 [link] [comments] ...

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Any ideas what those chairs are?

submitted by /u/ProfessionalDreamer- [link] [comments] ...

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Steealcase leap for $25, is this fake?

submitted by /u/DECApitate_ [link] [comments] ...

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Is this true? I wanted to buy new chair and saw this. "Office chair while leaving approximately 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair." Personally I prefer if there is no distance between knee back and chair. But the chair I wanted to buy had some distance.

submitted by /u/wrsage [link] [comments] ...

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is this a good deal for a mirra? it looks extremely clean but seems a little old being from 2016 and all submitted by /u/siuol7891 [link] [comments] ...

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Looking for drafting chair suggestions

Ive been searching for a drafting chair but no stores around me have them available to sit in and test out. Anything that can go above 23 ish inches since my desk is adjustable would work fine. Im looking for something that has a bit of tilt and doesnt feel like Im falling out or leaning forward which is a MUST. Im a bigger guy so in the past my chairs seats have been on the bigger side. Thanks in advance any tips or suggestions help. submitted by /u/sloppynevan [link] [comments] ...

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