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Need big/tall office chair with seriously comfortable bottom cushion

I'm 6'-4" and 300lbs, and I started getting pain in my legs (hamstrings) from sitting in my office chair for more than a couple hours. It's gotten progressively worse, so i finally got rid of the chair and bought an Office Source Big & Tall 24/7 chair. Unfortunately it's just not cutting it, same pain as before, except now I'm $420 in the hole. I need to find a new chair that's ACTUALLY comfortable in the bottom cushion and that will last without wearing out...

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Short person chair recomendations

What chairs with shallow seat depth (under 17 inches or 43 cm ) would you guys recomend submitted by /u/shadofenrir [link] [comments] ...

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Steelcase Leap V1's being sold $35 each! (Columbus, OH)

Just drove 2 hours and got 2 Leap V1's from a guy in Columbus, OH for 80 bucks total (I didn't have the correct denominations for 70, but didn't care at that price). The chairs are both in great condition and he steam-cleaned the fabrics. Mike said he bought them to scrap the chairs in order to rebuild other chairs for his other projects, but couldn't because the chairs were too difficult to separate. As a result, he's selling them just to pretty much get rid of them. Th...

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SecretLab's NeueChair Review

I wish I found a review like this before purchasing the chair, Im returning it after less than a week. Im 511/195-210lbs/athletic build, weight fluctuation is dependent of season (bulk/cut) but right now Im 210. At work we have Steelcase Leaps v1 & v2, and Herman Miller Aeron Classics. I was in the market for a chair for home use and am used to the comfort of the Leap and sitting for 7+ hour days straight. I sometimes also like to fold my left leg across the chair with my ankle under my...

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Hyken Technical Mesh Chair Review ?? let me know your thoughts ??

submitted by /u/TechLens_Official [link] [comments] ...

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Excuse my terrible drawing, but why dont office chairs use this type of ball wheel. Wouldnt it allow for easier omnidirectional movement? I am sure there is a reason but i just cant wrap my head around it.

submitted by /u/FabFabFabio [link] [comments] ...

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$300-500$ Office Chair for Tall People (6'4") but not Big (36in Waist)

I see a lot of chairs marketed as "Big and Tall" but the seat back and headrests are seemingly still the same height, and only the width seems to be larger. I'm sure there are many threads already posted about this, so I apologize for my laziness. Between work/school I don't have the time to research properly and was hoping you kind folk could help me out. Average sitting duration 6-8Hrs, but sometimes 10 :( Price $200-500, if this isn't feasible then please sugges...

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