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Start Here - the R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral thread

Welcome To r/OfficeChairs We are going to try something new here. Welcome to Mega Task Chair Referral thread. Looking for your best chair recommendations. If you are asking about what type of chair to get yourself, start here, feel free to ask questions on this thread. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Headrest and leg rest on office chairs.

We've been getting a lot of questions about headrests and like rests recently, so lets try a thread on this topic for a little while. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Aeron Remastered vs. Steelcase Gesture?

Ok, I have had a Remasterd Aeron w/ the PostureFit SL since July. I have tired and tried and tried to like this chair, but I can't. It is constantly giving me lower back (lumbar) pain. I bought the chair to help improve my posture at work. I did not have any back pain issues going into it, but I have them now. I tried for months to get the settings dialed in but I finally gave up. Sitting here typing this, my back aches. When I get in my car to go home, my back aches in that seat as ...

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Chair recomendations. Ergo Chair 2, Kinn, Leap v2.

Looking for recommendations on a good chair for my home office. Some of the features important to me are adjustability, lumbar support, a decent recline, mesh or fabric (not a huge fan of leather, fake or real), and a head rest would be nice. I dont work from home right now, but I will be teleworking more in the future. I currently only spend 2 or 3 hours a day in my home office, occasionally more, but I'm looking to the future on this purchase. I'm trying to stay under $400, but do...

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Can someone ID this chair?

submitted by /u/Alfonds [link] [comments] ...

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Is this an Aeron chair?

submitted by /u/sam7267 [link] [comments] ...

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Classic Aeron vs Remastered?

Im looking for a used Aeron and wondering which I should get the classic or remastered The remastered does look more appealing but there is a significantly high price even on the used market. I would love to hear some opinions. submitted by /u/HarisNazir [link] [comments] ...

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