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Start Here - the R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral thread

Welcome To r/OfficeChairs We are going to try something new here. Welcome to Mega Task Chair Referral thread. Looking for your best chair recommendations. If you are asking about what type of chair to get yourself, start here, feel free to ask questions on this thread. submitted by /u/ibuyofficefurniture [link] [comments] ...

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Deals Roundup Thread 1

Gonna keep this thread updated with the latest deals for the next week or so and then I'll make a second thread. submitted by /u/ClassroomDecorum [link] [comments] ...

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How do you fellow fat people pick a chair?

I have had problems with chairs for the longest time they just always seem to break after a few months and I know that a solution is to just lose weight and then I won't have an issue but this is a chair sub and I am after a chair. So my current chair just broke and it is a random chair I found on amazon and while it has been comfy part of the back just snapped after just over 5 months of use. Now I will give it to the chair I have been using it everyday for probably on average 8-9 ho...

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Gas Cylinder Failure Possibility

I bought a Steelcase Amia from a warehouse that received chairs from abandoned offices and such for a steal. After about a few days, the cylinder gave out and I had to replace it. Bought one from one of the only sites that had it available and when it came, it was out of gas too. Not to mention, it looked completely different from the original cylinder. Contacted the website about it being out of gas and they shipped another one free of charge. I could tell the cylinders were used. Just insta...

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Decent price for new Aeron?

submitted by /u/ComprehensiveIdeal93 [link] [comments] ...

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Replacement tilt-base with a deep lean to it?

I recent bought a new office chair as my old one was falling apart. My only problem is that I can't lean back in it as far as I'd like. Does anyone know of a replacement tilt-base mechanism that allows a deep lean angle The tilt-base fasteners on this chair are 6" x 10ish". Thank you! submitted by /u/cbftw [link] [comments] ...

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Sidiz T50 : Size difference between US and Europe version

Hey guys, The title says it all, the dimensions are not the same from the US version and the EU one on Amazon : US ​ EU What bother me the most is the seat height. I'm in Europe and 18,7" max height would be a little bit too low for me. Looking at the other specs, it seems the US ones are greater except for the backrest. I don't understand what is it supposed to mean,... do we europeans have shorter legs and taller trunks :D I emailed Sidiz...

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