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Office Chair Recommendations

Hi Everyone, Looking for an office chair ~250-350 USD. I'm 5'7 170 and would love some recommendations. ​ my friend told me to get the Autonomous egrochair 2 or Myochair but after some diligence and saw that a lot of people do not recommend this chair. I like the idea it has a headrest, looks sleek and is within the price but heard the quality is not there. any advice ​ I will keep browsing reddit and look at some other options but if anyone wants to chime in ...

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Refurbished Leap V2 - BTOD or Crandall?

After a long search (which I should have cut short, as I am in NEED), I think I have settled on a refurbished Leap V2, but am not sure if I should order from BTOD or Crandall. BTOD apparently won't ship for a month and does not have the platinum frame. Old posts seem to indicate quality may be better, but maybe most of those posts are by BTOD Crandall slightly more expensive, will ship almost immediately. Price difference not important, but if there is a quality issue, that is import...

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I picked up this Steelcase Leap V2 for $275. Was it a good deal or not really?

So I recently picked up a Steelcase Leap V2 with a platinum frame that was manufactured in 2007. I bought it from an office liquidator in Atlanta for $275. They offered and replaced the fabric for free with brand new black Steelcase OEM fabric. I'll link pictures below. The noticeable parts that may need replaced are the casters, arm pads, and possibly the lower back firmness adjustment. The only thing wrong with the adjustment is it's cut up and heavily scratched up, so I may just le...

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Help with budget chairs.

Im trying to get something in my country, cause otherwise all id be able to afford is some 100$ chair off of amazon. So far this is all i can find thats good and in my budget. Any thoughts ​ Antares Oklahoma PDH: ​ Antares Diamond ​ Carmen 7520:

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Haworth Fern? How does it compare to the HM Aeron?

Dear All, For the last 9 years have been using a OEM Contessa chair. After a few years when the mesh is less firm my tailbone or butt has been hitting the plastic edge of the mesh sit. Else if I sit abit out, my Lumber will be pain. If I sit for too many hours I will have difficulty standing up with much tailbone pain. I am 175cm and 105kg with longish legs. I am looking to upgrade to the HM Aeron, but recently found out about the Fern. I love mesh as my country is hot. Tried the Leap v2 ...

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Looking for a chair with a similar seat to dxracer

I am looking for an office chair with a similar style seat to the Dxracer chairs- instead of foam over a board, which always wears out and gets hard / uncomfortable over time, the dxracer chairs have straps that dont seem to wear out as much. Ideally, whatever chair I can find will not look quite as "gamey" as a Dxracer, as I need to be on video conferences for work. submitted by /u/grzy7316x [link] [comments] ...

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Let's pick my new Office chair!

Hey Reddit! Here's my deal. I am buying an office chair in 2 weeks. The goal is to buy the MOST comfortable chair possible! Simple The 2 contenders so far are below. Budget: Maximum $600 Goal: Maximum comfort My Dimensions: 5"11 220lbs -Secret Labs Omega -OM5 series Which should I pick PS.. Worth mentioning the 2 below came up as SUPER comfy but are too overpriced for me. Steel Series Gesture Hellman Miller Aeron submitted by /u/Ivan_Draga_ [link] ...

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